Henry Lyon Riker

Keri Hains Riker and Timothy J Riker are pleased to announce the birth of a new baby boy! On April 4th 1999 (that's 4-4-99) at 10:00pm Henry Lyon Riker entered our lives. He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces at birth and was 20 inches in length. He has his father's height including long fingers and toes, and his mother's cheeks and hair.

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Tim left the computer on in an IRC session and Henry started typing.


Random shots of Tim's almost completed office, and some of more of Henry. Henry has been singing quite a few songs lately. I made a brief movie of Henry singing.


Pool pictures and some of Nathan. Also two more movies catching bubbles and getting a piggy back ride.


Birthday party pictures. Henry got a tricycle which was a big hit.


A few more pics: Henry in costume, Disneyland, etc. Movies of pushing the vacume and laughing at a computer game.


We were in the Hill Cumorah Pageant again. Here is a picture dump. I'm going to write an image browser someday... ;-)


Henry kept putting his (clean) diaper on his head, so we took his picture.


more for your amusement and another and another movie clip.


and another movie clip.


Here are more from today. I also include a movie clip. Which you may want to try. It is in mpeg format so you may need to obtain a viewer. It includes sound, though many software players will only show the video. Please tell me how it goes.


We just picked up a digital camera. Pictures should be more frequent now. These are just me messing around with it. I'll take some good ones soon.

We entered Henry in a local pageant. He is now Mister Hawaiian Tropic 2000 for his age class. We are grinning from ear to ear.


Henry had a birthday party here yesterday. Friends and grandparents and new toys. We had fun. Today, Henry decided it was time to start walking. He was cruising all over the house, grinning all the time. I'll put up some pictures soon. I really need to get a portable digital camera.

Just as an FYI, we will be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant again this coming summer. Please drop by and see it and us!


Well, I scanned the pictures I've been keeping around. Keri and I have been really busy. I will write more about them someday, but here they are anyway for you to see! Some of these are from the Hill Cumorah Pageant and are pictures of us in costume.


We had some of Keri's family in town this weekend. Uncle Tyler wanted some web pictures taken, so here they are. It's been a few weeks since we wrote to you. Sorry. Henry is growing fast! His hair continues to grow. A week ago he was fussy and managed to grab a handful of his own hair. He started pulling and then screaming because it hurt which made him pull more and scream more... you get the picture. I had to hold his hand up against his head till he calmed down enough that I could get his fingers loose. This is a tough thing to do while you are laughing.


No new pictures today. Henry is getting better at smiling. He still get's lots of gas bubbles and cries about them. We got some drops for him that help sometimes. Henry types this to you "                                nnnnnnnn. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,llll                                                                                                   nnnnn i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk". I'm not sure what is means yet though. The space bar is his favorite key so far.


Today we blessed Henry at our church meetings. Many friends and relatives came to participate. I took a few more pictures so you could see his outfit (and his toes!). I will scan in some of the pictures of people that were here later. I did scan some older pictures that you may not have seen. We are all doing well.


Henry had his first doctor's visit this week. He is growing well! He now makes faces for us. His favorite things other than eating, pooping and sleeping are: rocking with mom or dad in the rocking chair his grandparents gave us; and having his dad swing him around in his car seat. I guess we'll have to get a swing for him soon.
I got around to scanning the cross stitch that Lisa sent. We like it a lot!


Henry now has his IV out so here are a couple more pictures. Notice that you can see both hands! He is a content baby most of the time. Keri is still tired most of the time. We all miss each other every day while I'm at work. We chat once in a while over AOL's IM. You can reach us as KeriRiker and TimRiker. Henry does not chat on the computer yet.


We are all doing fine at home. Henry was up crying a bit last night. I think he had stomach cramps. Once he got some gas out of his system he was fine. I can sit and look at him for the longest time without getting sick of it. Eleanor and Ken Bach came by today (great grandparents). We were glad they stopped by as we have not been up to traveling much yet. We really appreciate the help everyone is offering, meals etc. Thank you all so much. We received a wonderful cross-stitch from Lisa Barker (Keri's sister) today with Henry's name and birth date on it.


Henry has been discharged from the Hospital today! We don't know exactly when checkout will be, but anytime is fine by us. Mom is especially pleased. We all want to go home. We will be setting up at home IV services to come and administer antibiotics at 10am and 10pm every day till next Wednesday. Henry is getting his checkout tests done as well. Liz Ovard stayed at the house last night. Keri and Tim both look forward to sleeping a real bed. We will take more pictures when we get home for all of you!
All of us arrived here around noon. Safe and sound.


Still at the Hospital.
Today we have a new pediatrician working with us. She came in and talked to us this morning at about 9:30. She lowered his IV from 16 to 7.5 to see if his eating keeps improving. Next step is TKO (To Keep Open) which means he would be living off food entirely. We have an at-home IV service lined up and may be going home tomorrow. (sound familiar?) The doctor is great, we are just itching to go home. Keri's mom is coming up from St. George today (6ish) and I may head into work for a while.


This morning our doctor did a spinal tap on the baby. Things went very smoothly. Samples were clear and two of the three test results are negative. (which is good) We should hear about the third in a day or two. His blood culture is also still negative. We don't know what it is his body is fighting, but he seems to be winning.
We have decided on a name "Henry Lyon Riker". Henry is already showing his regal streak in controlling his parents every action. He is beginning to take a bottle and we are very excited about that. We jump as soon as he wakes up because he is sleeping a lot. We are working on breast feeding as he get stronger. Stay tuned!
He is getting pinker all the time, I told Grandma Riker he has about as much color as his Aunt Janet now. ;-)
He weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces today.

99.04.07 Other news

Aunt Janet gave birth at 7:07 this morning in Rochester to Marleah Hope Davis. Janet, Matt and Marleah are doing well. Henry now has two cousins born within a week of him! Congratulations go out to them all.


We gave the baby a bath and washed his hair, so pictures 2-8 show his hair better! Our baby is now off oxygen and stable. I changed my first diaper and even caught the poop before it hit the blanket! We are truly enjoying ourselves. Keri may be able to start nursing in the morning if the baby is still doing well. We must get sleep whenever we can, so I'll write more later.


Keri and baby were both running a high fever during the last stages of labor and the baby has some form of infection (they suspect Strep B). Mom and baby are both on antibiotics and doing well.

Baby is pale with a low red cell count and a high white cell count. He is on oxygen some of the time and an IV. He is much pinker now than he was after birth. Tim Riker World